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Marketing + SEO

Marketing + SEO

It's not about building a website.  It's about MARKETING & SEO! If your website isn't getting noticed, then turning those visitors into paying customers, then what's the... Read More

Keys to Website Success

Keys to Website Success

You've just found the keys to website success! We have valuable info you won't fine elsewhere in one place. The 10 steps to website success How search engine optimization can hur... Read More

Build Your Own Website

Build Your Own Website

Should you build your own website? Yes, it very well may be possible to build your own successful website. Ask yourself a few questions, then look over our checklist... Read More

How to hire a web developer

How to hire a web developer

What happens if you hire a web professional, pay him or her a lot of money but end up with a website that is not close to what you envisioned or doesn't deliver on new business a... Read More


1st Impressions

How Long Do You Think?First impressions on your website

Report tells how long your website has to make that all-important first impression.. Read More

Entertaining Enough?

Effective MultimediaMaking your website entertaining and interesting

Could multimedia boost your bottom line? Can you afford it? Read More

Security Watch

Web Crime on the Riseimage

Hackers can take over and play havoc with your website unless security is tight. Read More

Your Last Big Web Overhaul

joomla web developmentStop pulling your hair!

You've had your last website overhaul headache. Why? Because Joomla is timeless. Hundreds of developers are already working on the next update. When the time comes, you'll merely do a few mouse-clicks and your website is updated!   Read why

When you want a new look (template design), same thing. A few mouse-clicks, and perhaps a bit of content reformatting and it's done. Imagine the time and money you'll save.
And in other news

social media seoWe'll help you integrate social media into your marketing and SEO strategy, and show you how to get amazing results!

web securityProtect your website - We'll ensure your web is safe from SQL injection, XSS & CSRF attacks with Kali Linux Penetration Testing!

1 Week Max!

  • Complete in one week!
  • Choose from Rockettheme or Joomlashack templatesl
  • Free security updates
  • User-maintainable websites
  • Free marketing & SEO consulting

Did you Know?

Well over 17,000,000 (seventeen million) websites use Joomla, including large corporations both profit and non-profit, small businesses and many governments.

Adding Features to Joomla

Thousands of extensions are available - most are free - and easily added on to Joomla websites with just a few mouse-clicks. A large directory of Joomla extensions can be seen here..Read More

Local Weather

The sun will shine as surely as your Joomla website will perform and your web guy will be able to take off early to enjoy the evening's sunset.

SEO = $$$

SEO - search engine optimization is the science of bringing prospects to your website. CompuSolver can bring your site to life and train your people to keep it hopping!

Sample #1


used car lot management softwareWe built this site for one of the top used car dealership software companies. This is an example of our $1499 turn-key web package with search engine optimization and a content management system that allows users to maintain their own websites.

(Click image to see actual website)

Sample #2

Automotive Software Site

Tarpon Springs web developersIt took only ten minutes to have this site up and ready for client to make their content changes. Cost: $99 included 1yr hosting!

Sample #3

Car Lot Software

Car Lot SoftwareHere's a JoomlaShack.com Joomla template - one of their many styles to choose from.

We can have a site like this built for you within just a day or two.

Sample #4

Granny's Used Cars

ft smith used carsGranny's Used Cars is no longer up - owner retired, but was happy with the website.

We had this site up, running and optimized in only three days and everyone says it is the sharpest used car dealer website in all of Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Sample #5


Online Web CoursesWeb-Professor.com is an exciting, new website offering online courses for website owners and web professionals, as well as visual arts classes like Photography and Videography.

(Note: unfortunately, this site has since gone down and changed hands)

Mystery Unveiled !

ad copy secretsYour system for choosing a web developer is seriously flawed, and here's why.. Read More


Who am I?

Russian Roulette?

automated database backupsDon't play Russian Roulette with your databases! Read why your backup strategy may backfire.. Read More


web consulting, seo, copywriting & marketing

FREE Joomla Web + Design!

SmBizHosting.com offers free setup of Joomla website (sample data). CompuSolver.com offers SmBizHosting customers the RocketTheme.com design template of your choice installed with Joomla so you have a website all setup (with sample content) and ready for YOUR content for only $50. Read More

Website Fundamentals

Whether you're considering hiring a web professional or doing it all yourself, you don't want to miss this collection of ten short article tutorials covering marketing, search engine optimization, security and everything in between.. Read More


For a limited time, we are offering a website security check, with penetration testing for just $99.  Offer applies only to small business websites, up to 12 pages.

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