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DIY Website Fundamentals
Your Website Plan

Note: Before attempting to build or re-do your website, you would benefit greatly by taking the Web Basics course at Web-Professor.com  So that we don't appear to be trying to profit on your need for information, here is a key that will let you enroll for free: 135H


You wouldn't start to build a house, without a blueprint, would you?  But I am constantly surprised at the number of clients who come to me wanting a website with little or no plan.

When I talk with business owners who are dissatisfied with their website's lack of success (not our clients!), invariably it turns out that they had no plan, no roadmap for their website to ever attain its goals.  In fact, most never even clearly defined and wrote down any goals.

To me, that's like someone in Oklahoma (where I currently reside) driving aimlessly for days with neither a map, gps nor a defined destination, then complaining that they didn't make it to Los Angeles.  Well, "Duh!".

I think another issue, for many, is that building a website sounds like a fun adventure. It's a chance to express yourself and show some creativity. But "planning" sounds too much like work, and it's "boring".

Others may have someone in the family or a friend or employee who "can build websites".  There is no licensing requirement for web developers.  Anyone can claim to be one.

But think about it for a minute.  Let's say you were paying for an expensive full-page ad in a magazine.  Would you hire someone just because they could spell?  Or would you want a good graphic artist to handle the layout and images and a good copywriter with a solid marketing background to write the content?

Web development is even much more complicated than that.  Without proper experience, your developer won't realize that your search results are showing up with warning signs for millions of web users, and that many families with safety settings won't be able to see your site at all. They may not understand how to best craft a website so that users have a good experience and don't get frustrated.

Will your site show up on the first page of search engine results, or will it be buried somewhere after the tenth page where no one will ever find your website?

Will your developer understand how to best utilize Social Marketing to greatly enhance your chances of success?

Will they understand security issues, so your customers will feel safe doing business with you and so that your site is less likely to be hacked?

Even if you hire a proven professional who is experienced in all these things, you really should have the knowledge in that Web Basics course and you really should have a Plan for your website that you understand and are on-board with.

After that, you should ensure that ongoing Social Media and SEO work is being done and that you keep an eye on monthly reports that gauge your website's success.  It is a good idea to have meetings with your marketing, seo and web professionals at least once each quarter, to review these reports and plan for improvement and updates.

If your company doesn't have marketing, social media and seo people, CompuSolver.com can fill these rolls for you and help you stay on top of your website's progress.


I recommend you use our free Website Planning Tool.  It will help you lay out your goals and build your website's roadmap to success.  Be sure and copy the key code before submitting your plan.  This code will enable you to come back any time in the next ninety days and review or print your website success plan.  You can also send the link to your web professional with the key, so they can see your plan and be better prepared to help you attain your goals.

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Website Fundamentals

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