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Website Fundamentals Summary

We've talked about the importance of aesthetics, grabbing attention, marketing techniques, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance, flexibility, security, multimedia and search engine optimization and why each of these issues are so important to your website's success.

We've discussed the ways that Joomla, the free, open-source content management system, automatically helps with or totally takes care of many of these issues.

But that still leaves us with topics related to marketing, multimedia and search engine optimization. Will you be trusting your web professional to handle these matters?

Why choose CompuSolver?

It's not just our experience in web development that matters, although I've been building websites since before most people even knew there was an Internet. It's business experience, marketing experience and years of working with search engine optimization that counts.

But even more than experience, I think our willingness to put our clients' interests ahead of our own, helps us stand apart from the pack. For instance, I wrote my own content management system before Joomla was even heard of. I could easily sell that or use it to build websites and make even more money - but that isn't what I feel is best for most clients. For serious search engine optimization, we offer regular competitive reports and analysis.

Why Joomla?

It would be impossible for any single web developer to produce a web application or content management system that could hold a candle to Joomla in terms of flexibility, and support - both future and present and there is no way a single developer can promise the kind of security that the Joomla team offers.. Certainly none of the expensive commercial content management systems we've looked at come even close.

So whether we help you build your website or not, whether we host your website or not, Joomla is the right solution for ninety-nine businesses out of a hundred.

Which hosting solution?

As a web developer with many clients depending on me, I need a hosting service I can count on, one with a high-level of PHP and Joomla support, good speed and absolute dependability. We've found the people to provide the hardware and technical service needed for great hosting service and we provide the support through SmBizHosting.com


At CompuSolver, we put your needs first. We understand that you need a holistic approach to your website - that a pretty website is useless if it fails to grab attention, utilize effective marketing concepts, provide user-friendliness and rank well in search engines. Beyond that, a website should build trust in your brand and strenghten the bond between you and your customers by utilizing multimedia. It should be built so that your people don't need professional help to handle daily updates. Future changes and additions should be seamless and without major effort or expense. Not just one web developer, but a team of security experts should constantly be on the lookout for threats and ways to ensure your website's security.

By putting CompuSolver and Joomla on your team, you are maximizing the effectiveness of your company's website and leverging your ROI to the fullest.

Please call or user our Contact form, and tell us what your website goals are. I'm confident we can help you reach those goals - Hank Castello, CompuSolver.com


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Website Fundamentals

Whether you're considering hiring a web professional or doing it all yourself, you don't want to miss this collection of ten short article tutorials covering marketing, search engine optimization, security and everything in between.. Read More


For a limited time, we are offering a website security check, with penetration testing for just $99.  Offer applies only to small business websites, up to 12 pages.

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